This blog is about my world and what I´m going through as a teen!! I´m dancing (jazz, ballet, hip hop, locking and some house) <3 Just love it! :3 I hope U enjoy! Love, me

Sick... :(

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I´ve been sick all day today!! :( It stinks!!
I should have been going eating with my friend but no...
Well, well.... I´m eating much icecream!! Mmmmm... :3
That´s the only positive thing today....
I´m tired and.... more tired..
Haha! funny!!! NOT!

Bye my dears!

Hey! =)

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I still have my sleepwear and it´s like 4:20 pm....
School tomorrow and I´ve got a homework to do!!! I´m listening to music and right now (I love it - Icona Pop).
I hope you enjoy this blog and I´ll see you soon!
Oh! Yesterday I saw a movie called "Dear John" and they said "I´ll see you then" all the time... I just remembered thet when I wrote "I´ll see you soon"....! =)
Love, Mira <3

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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